Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 Thus Far

Notice the lack of outside pictures? Between a stomach virus and the extremely cold weather, we've been in the house a lot (even for January). The kids are going to basketball practice with Tyler tonight and it will be the first time they leave the acreage this year! That sounds crazy to say.

We started a Whole 30 the first of the year (basically a nutritional reset, cutting out dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, and alcohol for thirty days) and it really hasn't been that hard. We thought we'd miss butter a lot more, but ghee isn't so bad. I also thought I would have a sugar withdrawal period, but I didn't.

Mason lost his 5th tooth. He has to eat his apples cut up because it is too hard to eat them whole.

We've been garden dreaming lately. Reading books, looking at seeds, making plans.. we love winter but are excited for when spring arrives! Mason is especially dreaming big. He wants to grow so many things and is talking about getting his own poultry flock, he just can't decide on what birds.

The weather is looking to warm up this next week. It is supposed to be 24 degrees ABOVE zero today so that is exciting!

How has 2018 treated you so far?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cold Weather, Warm Bellies

Much to the dismay of my kids, I love soup. I love making soup and I love eating soup. When I was pregnant with the girls it is what I craved, any kind--I wanted it all. With all the doctor appointments in the city we always ended up at Panera afterwards to eat soup.
My kids aren't as crazy about soup as I am, there is usually whining involved. BUT, noodles make everything better.

Duck soup = Waaaaaaah, NOOO, we hate soup!!!

Duck noodle soup = Yaaayyy!!!!

So, I make noodles. If you want to make noodles, too, and never have it is very easy. This is the recipe I use, very simple and takes your basic staple ingredients.
Find the recipe {HERE}
Only thing I change is I use water instead of milk because I don't buy milk and you can't taste the difference.

Are you a soup lover or soup hater?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Adventure Awaits At The End Of The Lane

The more risks you allow your children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves.  
--Roald Dahl (one of our favorite writers lately)

Beaver dams, deer skeletons, coyote dens, oh my! We went on a walk the other day along the creek by our house with Aunt Lindy and Cousin Viggo. There were 8-10 beaver dams we saw which were really cool. They also make the water deep and anxiety inducing for us mama bears trying hard not to helicopter (Gotta start reading the above quote on a regular basis). We had to prod the little ones on few times so no one ended up flailing in the cold water or crawling down a large hole and meeting whatever was at the end.
Our creek tour ended at a neighboring property where Sunflower (the dog) had an intense fight with a badger before they both gave up about fifteen minutes later. The badger never left its den/cave but we were able to identify it by its growl and clicking noises along with the tuft of hair the dog pulled out at one point.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Interview at 5 and (Amost) 7 Years Old

If you could visit anywhere where would you go?

Mason - Australia

Finnley - Austin, Texas

Elliot - Des Moines, Iowa

Are you going to get married? How many kids do you think you will have? Any name ideas?

M - Don't know who I'm going to marry yet. 8 kids named Haygren, Make, Jacob, Ben, Arizone, Adam, Britten, and James.

F - I'm going to marry Grandma Bev and have ten kids. I like the names Costa Rica, Salla, and Brittena.

E - 8 kids and going to marry Grandma Kim. Names.. Jenna and Salta.

{How old is too old to still think you can marry your relatives? I still think it is too cute to burst the bubbles}

Who are your friends?

M - Viggo is my best friend. My second best friend is Jackson. And also Hezekiah and (other)

F - Jackson, Viggo, and Hadley and Ruth.

E - Hadley and Ruth

What do you like to do with your friends?

M - Making and inventing stuff.

F - Go to the park.

E - Play at the Children's Museum.

What food do you really like?

M - Mac 'n Cheese.

F - Ham.

E - Gravy.

What will your job be when you grow up?

M - Collecting money for poor people.

F - Working at some kind of restaurant.

E - Work at The Flour Mill with Dad.

What do you love to do with Mom?

M - I love when she teaches me new things.

F - Sit with her.

E - Go to Sunday School with her.

What do you love to do with Dad?

M - Play killer whale and lemon shark.

F - Play with him Orca and three giant great white sharks.

E - Bake at the restaurant with him.

Favorite animal? // Book? // Song or music?

M - Caracal. // Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban. // Monster Cat.

F - Cheetah. // My Little Pony. // Elevator music.

E - Zebra. // My Little Pony. // My Little Pony.

What do you love to do the most?

M - Go with Sunflower to the creek, ride with Sunflower down the lane, and play with Dad.

F - Eat candy.

E - Dress up for Halloween.

What do you love about yourself?

M - Every time I go to the big creek I survive.

F - That I will be a ballerina when I grow up.

E - My teeth can chew any food.

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