Saturday, June 10, 2017

Partners in Crime

I may have said it before, but having twins is not like having an extra kid, it is like having a few extras. These girls have always kept us on our toes, making the mess of five. You turn your back to clean up the oats one has spilled on the floor.. and then realize the other has been drawing on herself with markers so you turn your back to tend to that.. and then the first is stealing band-aids out of the drawer sticking them to the mirror.. you peel those off while the other has taken the corn starch, gelatin, and salt to do some "baking" outside... and well it just keeps going. Let your imagination run wild, it has probably been attempted by these two.
They play together fabulously and are surely built-in best friends, but they also can be one another's devil on the shoulder. We have a list on the fridge of things they owe us money for wasting, there is still room to add to the paper (but not much), hoping not to fill it up though! I guess there is something about being four and not being able to connect the dots that dumping mom's grapefruit essential oil, magnesium spray, and hydrogen peroxide into your mud muffins costs money. But alas we are trying to connect those ideas anyway! Wish us luck.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Day in the Life

3/5 of us were up and ready for the day around 7. We had already snuggled in bed for a bit before sneaking out so we didn't wake anyone else. The kiddos had some homemade granola with milk (see me at the Farmer's Market Saturday if you want to give the granola a taste test) and once Elliot woke up the gals head outside to do morning chores. Dad and Mason needed some time together so they grabbed a deck of cards and played Rummy before Dad got ready for work and left for the day.

Us gals settled in for a game of Trouble. Elliot quit about 1/5 of the way through, typical. Finnley beat me by one move. Then laundry folding for me! E and F picked out some music to listen to on the kindle and headed outside to swing. That's their thing.

Garden snack! Not sure if our peas will get a chance to fully form or if little hands will pick and eat them all first. I may be guilty as well..

Cousin Viggo came over for the day. All four are really into dinosaurs right now, so deep discussion about them was first on their list. Then lots of playing; dress up, dance/wrestling to too loud music, some artsy endeavors, building, and exploring outside. While they are playing I get some cleaning done, some weeds pulled out of the small garden, and made dinner. We've been keeping meals super simple around here lately. It has been really nice.

Grandpa Tim and Uncle Brian were hauling corn so Viggo (the farm equipment lover) had a good time watching that go down. I finally got caught up on my laundry folding.. but that's as far as the laundry process got.

The kiddos picked mulberries and ate them (the dog, too). They climbed onto the propane tank to better reach and each time Finnley got stuck.

I kept with the simple theme for supper and we had a smoothie, leftover duck, mashed potatoes, and gravy. The kids also picked a tiny amount of mulberries to go with our meal, but they didn't even make it to the table before getting eaten. While I cleaned up supper dishes, the little ones headed back outside, all working together to dump water onto a discovered ant hill. It was probably the best they worked together all day. I also managed to get some vacuuming done.

Lindy showed up to reclaim her child and we eventually convinced everyone it was bedtime.

Mason and Elliot modeled their new shirts they won from their entries in the Tivoli Lego Building Contest at the library.

We did our usual bedtime routine. Supper, jammies, brush teeth, I read their book choices (this time it was The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn), then we do "family reading time" which is just everyone looking at their own book choices (including me!) for a while before last potty and drink and tuck in time.

^ Fake sleeping for the photo ^

After everyone was tucked and settled, I headed out to the garden. I pulled weeds, picked some radishes, and got about four tomatoes mulched. I usually have less than an hour window here before it gets dark and I have to retire for the night and shut the birds in. I have 4 doors to remember right now, "hog house chicken house", the babies, the bigger babies, and the coop. The geese have been cranky lately so I always have to watch my back when I bend over to gather any eggs.

I came in, did a tad of book work for the restaurant, and decided to call it an early night. I had had a headache all day (which is unusual for me) so I basically greeted my husband and then said goodnight and headed to bed.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Interview at 6.5 and 4.5

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Elliot - California
Finnely - To Target and buy a lot of toys
Mason - Go get gold in Washington, California, or Iowa and get rich

Are you going to get married?
E - No
F - No
M - Yes, to Elliot

How many kids are you going to have?
E - 100
F - 9
M - 40

What will you name your first child?
E - Onan
F - Sidwa
M - Jason

Who are your friends?
E - Finnley and Mom
F - Elliot and Mom
M - Viggo, Hadley, Brenlee, Adaline, and Grady

What do you like to do with your friends?
E - Play
F - Play
M - Go  on hikes and give gifts

What food do you like best?
E - Chocolate
F - Cake
M - Any kind, not cheese or ham

What will be your job when you grow up?
E - Cook
F - Look on the computer at pony stuff
M - Build buildings, houses, and cities and design spacecrafts

What do Mom and Dad do for work?
E - mom- Boring; dad- Plays basketball
F - mom- Bakes at the restaurant; dad- Does important stuff
M - mom- I don't know; dad- Works at The Flour Mill

What do you love to do with Mom?
E - Sing
F - Play a game - UNO!
M - Go on adventures and hikes

What do you love to do with Dad?
E - Play sleeping bear
F - Play in our room - Whales and Sharks
M - Play all kinds of games

What do you love to do the most?
E - Play ponies
F - Have fun
M - Travel, explore new places, and meeting people

What's your favorite color?
E - Purple and yellow
F - Pink and purple and sparkly pink and purple
M - All the colors of the world

What do you love most about yourself?
E - I love my orange shirt
F - I love that I am kind
M - My ability to learn by myself

What is your favorite animal?
E - Giraffe
F - Cat
M - All the animals

What are some of your favorite books?
E - (My Little) Pony, Louis the Fish
F - (My Little) Pony, The Lion King, Up
M - All the books.. Ratatouille, Boxcar Children, The Five Chinese Brothers

If you could add one thing to our farm what would it be?
E - Horse
F - Sheeps and a sheep house
M - Cows so we can make yogurt and milk and sell it

*   *   *   *   *

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Post-Snow, Pre-Mosquitoes

Man, I'm sore. My body is still in winter mode apparently, all the outside work I've done this past week I feel. Breaking up sod at my sister's house, then turning some ground here to plant peas and potatoes. Then walking everywhere trying to find my young explorer who sometimes takes his freedom a tad far. Then we hiked a few miles the next day through one of our new favorite spots when we go into the city (Fontenelle Forest). Then scraping up really old bedding and poo out of the former turkey house to make a new place to brood chicks. That stuff was caked. And then it rained, which meant I could catch up (almost) with my inside duties. It seems to be a constant tug of war, so much to do outside but yet so much to do inside. Never are both places satisfied.
Our hatching for this year got delayed for a couple reasons, but we finally got eggs put in the incubator. A week before the first round of chickens were supposed to hatch we had one come out of the egg on the rack. Guess he/she had got a head start in the coop. Of course you can't have a lonely chick, that's just not fair, so I picked up a few friends at the feed store to keep company until the rest decide to come out.
We have a few mamas sitting right now, One duo has hatched two babies. I just love watching the mamas teaching the little guys how to scratch and hearing their instructing clucks. So amazing to watch the interaction. Mother Goose is also setting right now which makes for a lonely mate. Guy Goose is always standing guard right outside the coop waiting to go on a stroll with his partner whenever she is ready to take her breaks. Geese aren't as hardcore as the chicken mommies. While the chickens can sit for days and not even think about leaving her precious eggs, geese will take several breaks during the day to stretch and head to the water hole.
I have a good amount of tomatoes, some peppers, herbs, broccoli, and some flowers doing well in the greenhouse that my parents got me for an early birthday present this year. I've been taking them into the house on cold nights, but so far I like this whole not having to use a light in the house way of starting seeds indoors. My winter sown (mini greenhouses like milk jugs outside) garden is doing okay, it seems to be a couple weeks behind the stuff in my greenhouse. My peas have popped out of the ground and garlic is several inches up. My favorite time of the year!